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Frequently Asked Questions

Fast Answers About Renting a Home in North Carolina

Home is where your heart is. In a rental home, you may find yourself filled with questions about your lease, maintenance on the house, and more. Get answers your top questions fast by looking through our list of common questions about renting a home in North Carolina.

1. Do I have to give a written notice before I move out?

Yes, you must give written notice 60 days prior to moving out.

2. Am I required to have renters insurance?

Tenants are not required to obtain renters insurance but we strongly recommend it. It is very inexpensive.

3. How do I submit a work order?

You can submit a work order online by logging in to your tenant portal. You can also submit a work order by phone or in person at our office.

4. Can I pay my rent online?

You can pay your rent online by logging in to your tenant portal. You can also have your account automatically drafted by calling our office.

5. Can I set up my rent to be drafted each month?

Yes. We provide this as a free service. To set up auto draft, please call the office.

6. When is my rent due?

Rent is due on the 1st of each month. If your rent is paid later than midnight on the 5th then it is considered late.

7. How much is my late fee?

Late fees are 5% of your monthly rent.

8. When is my rent considered late?

Rent is considered late if it is received after midnight on the 5th.

9. What repairs and maintenance am I responsible for?

As a tenant, you are responsible for keeping the property in good condition and for all items outlined in your maintenance addendum. This includes items such as lawn maintenance, air filters, tenant physical damage and more. Residents will be held financially responsible for any damage or breakage, deliberate or negligent misuse or improper operation of the water, gas, oil, electrical, plumbing equipment or HVAC systems, plus all cracked or broken glass, torn or damaged screens, and extermination caused by poor housekeeping.

10. What is considered a work order emergency?

Fire, excessive water leaks, HVAC outages in extreme weather conditions are all considered emergencies. If you are experiencing any of these, please call our emergency line at 704-298-1771.

11. Can I paint my property and make other alterations?

Painting, landscaping changes, satellite dish installation are examples of alterations that require approval by the owner in advance. Please call our office in order to make an alteration request for you property.

12. When is eviction filed?

Evictions are filed on the 15th of each month.

13. How can I renew my lease?

Your lease can be renewed at any time during your tenancy. All leases are subject to the owner’s approval.

14. When will I receive my security deposit refund?

Security deposits are processed within 60 days of your lease expiring and after you have turned in the keys to the property. Please see your lease agreement and move out instructions for more information.

15. How do I request a tenant portal login and password?

In order to access your online tenant portal you must be an active tenant. Please call our office for more information.

16. If I move out before my lease expires do I still have to pay rent?

Yes, you are obligated to pay rent until the expiration of your lease agreement. Other terms and conditions may apply.

17. What is the move out process?

You must give 60 days notice that you plan to vacate the property. Before you move out, all utility bills due must be paid in full. You must remove all personal belongings and clean the property. If there are any repairs needed, these must be made upon move out. When ready, turn in your keys and notify the landlord of your new mailing address.

18. How do I make a maintenance request?

You can submit a maintenance request online by clicking here. You may also call our office or submit a maintenance request in person. 

19. What maintenance am I responsible for?

You are responsible for routine maintenance of the property such as changing air filters, mowing the yard etc. Please see the maintenance addendum from your lease agreement for more details.

20. Can I change the locks or re-key my current door locks?

All tenants must get permission for changing or re-keying door lock in advance. Tenants must drop off the new set of keys to the office within 24 hours of changing the locks.

21. How do I activate my utilities?

Please click here to access our resources page with all the local utility provide contact information.

22. Can I install satellite dishes or TV antennas?

This is considered an alteration and requires the owner’s approval. Your service provider will most likely require approval from the owner prior to installing your new service.